Where the wild things REALLY are…

Recently, a cousin’s birthday celebration resulted in myself and 10 other curious party animals walking through the doors of the Spearmint Rhino Club in Rialto.
The Spearmint Rhino is- for lack of a better name- a Gentlemen’s club, fully equipped with the necessary assets that make an establishment deserving of such a title.
Marking my first time at this sort of risqué spot, a lot of thoughts fired through my mind: Silicon, glitter, clear heels– you get the picture.
Contrary to popular belief- or better yet the fantasies of men everywhere- women are not as comfortable with same-sex interactions as the world expects them to be.
The issue of self-confidence always comes into play when women are placed in any situation together, especially one that involves naked acrobatics.
Yet for educational and inquisitive purposes, we bailed on the self-esteem Lifetime special, ordered a couple rounds and embarked on an evening with our racy female counterparts.
Before arriving, I had a small sense of what the night would consist of. I recalled infamous scenes in movies like Striptease where the stunning Demi Moore played an exotic dancer, or Showgirls starring Elizabeth Berkley who showed a drastic change from her role as Jessie Spano in the ‘90s sitcom Saved By The Bell.
Though I did not expect Demi-esque type dancers, I made sure the club we chose would not make me consider an emergency Tetanus shot.
The Spearmint Rhino was exactly what I pictured, dimly lit and swarming with young men and their raging hormones. The dancers were beautiful and friendly, adding to the energetic aura that our celebratory party carried in.

What I didn’t anticipate was the driven nature of the aforementioned entertainers. I mean, I know it’s their job to get that dollar but damn!
I had to turn down several offers for lap dances, staying firm with my choice to keep the ladies on the stage and not in my pockets.
My male friends immediately questioned my decision to pass on the dance, alluding to the idea that my actions were curiously unorthodox.
Look guys, while I am mature and comfortable enough with my sexuality to attend a birthday bash at this exotic venue, I have to draw the line somewhere. I’m about as interested in a lap dance at the Rhino as you would be at Chippendales. So thanks but no thanks.
The only drawback to the evening, a factor that would likely prevent me from planning a repeat night, were the males in the audience.
Apart from the lively posse that I arrived with, the remaining attendees were seated stone cold around the stage.
I understand the point of this is to watch the entertainment but it was strange to see guys in their early to mid-twenties staring blankly at the dancers for hours.
These particular guests wrapped an awkward ambiance around the night that made it tempting to snap your fingers in their faces just to confirm consciousness.
Overall, thanks wholly to my partners in crime, the night was a successful one resulting in laughs, plenty of Twitter updates and, undoubtedly, several hangovers.


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Lebanon or bust…

lebanonSchool burnout is setting in and not even the colorful walls of Building 1 can keep me focused.

Up until last week, all I had to look forward to that was remotely close to a vacation was the unfamiliar Mt. SAC campus where I planned to enroll for summer. How exciting.

As I sat and scrolled through the course offerings, I realized that for every summer since the ninth grade, I had sacrificed travel, fun and experience to sit in a stuffy classroom and daydream about all the places I would rather be.

So now, taking a class over summer sounds about as appealing as watching New York Goes To Work—at this point, it’s just torture.

Though I can’t argue the benefits of knocking out a few courses over summer, the life changing experiences that come with a exploring a new country and culture are beyond measure.

Like most students, I had always planned to travel, but this pesky little thing called reality kept ruining the picture.

My mental list of things to do after graduation included “land an internship” and “find a job,” and since the lovely economy has made both these things sad impossibilities, taking a long vacation had been sitting on the back burner for a long time.

Then I threw the damn list out the window.

Instead of forever putting off fun for the tedious schoolwork that already overwhelms 90 percent of my life, I went the road less traveled—literally.

I signed off of the license agreement for my apartment, skipped my summer registration date and booked a two-month trip to Beirut, Lebanon.

I figured that my summer could either amount to four units on an endless transcript or 60 days of the ultimate adventure.

The choice was easy.

I decided on Lebanon first and foremost because it is my parents’ native country and I had gone before with my mother several years ago.

My previous trip consisted of visiting every friend and relative that ever crossed my mother’s path as they offered me cup after cup of Orange Tang—remember Tang? It’s like crack to them.

Needless to say, I deserve a re-do.

This time I decided to ditch my mom, hide from the Tang distributors and have the vacation I’ve always dreamed of.

So after 10 weeks of writing, ranting, cramming and cursing (it gets stressful around deadlines), it’s time for Sarah in the City to sign out.

For those of you staying in sunny California for the long summer, I urge you to find some time to put aside your responsibilities, at least for a while, and just have a little bit of fun.

In the meantime, I’ll be in Lebanon probably guzzling down some Tang—I don’t want to be rude—and soaking up all the country has to offer. Bon Voyage!

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It’s the Lake Show

lakersIt’s Sunday evening and as I sit here trying to decide what to write about this week, I can’t stop thinking that four short hours ago the Lakers were defeated by the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Devastation aside, I have to say that the series has been nothing short of a circus, with more conflict on the court than actually plays.

Now this is not a sports column, but when NBA playoffs start to look more like boxing matches, you can’t help but stay glued to the television.

And before the male readers get their jock straps in a twist about a female writer discussing playoffs, let me just say that if you guys are allowed to wear thong flip-flops and skinny jeans, we can watch basketball.

Fair trade.

During Game 1 against the Rockets, I figured the Lakers must have put a hit out on Shane Battier because by the end of it, I thought I was watching Bloodsport.

Cue the blinding powder.

Even though the Lakers lost the game and home court advantage, the aggression definitely set the tone for the rest of the series—and it was cool to see him bleed.

Go Lakers.

Game 2 was something else.

The referees were handing out technical fouls like Christmas presents and the trash talking from both sides was priceless.

Derek Fisher came to the aid of his team in more than one way, most notably by practically assaulting Rocket’s power forward Luis Scola.

The Lakers’ quiet and  eloquently spoken point guard showed off his football skills when he tossed Scola an elbow that sent the 6-foot-9-inch Argentinean sliding down the court.

Very impressive.

Whether it was intentional or not—and judging by the satisfied smile on Fisher’s face after being ejected, I vote yes— it benched Derek for Game 3  leaving him alone in his hotel room Twittering with the rest of us.

Ron Artest, rocking a Mohawk and the Rocket’s logo shaved into his fade, and his Kobe-must-die frantic bared a striking resemblance to the belligerent displays of Dennis Rodman from years before.

Don’t you just love basketball?

Though tonight’s Game 4 loss was a hit to Los Angeles, I doubt that a team that lost in the first series of the playoffs last year will hold the No. 1 team in the west back from those shiny championship rings.

The Lakers and Rockets face off again tonight at 7:30 p.m. for Game 5 of the seven-game series.

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The Pursuit

writingThe current state of our economy has removed any doubt from my mind that finding a job after graduation will be difficult. I can just picture it: cap and gown, diploma in hand, jobless and forced to sell my heels on Ebay to survive.

Though we’re all in the same sinking boat, I find it inspiring to see those around me continuously pumped with ambition.

When it comes to the younger generation, especially those involved in creative arts, there is no such thing as a recession.

Even though entry level positions are practically extinct and decent internships are hard to come by, when I look around I can’t help but be impressed.

Whether it’s my fashion designer cousin, who after being laid off from her last job decided to start her own couture bikini line, or the three wide-eyed hip-hop artists who can’t stop telling me about future performances and projects, or myself and other writers who will freelance for anyone who will put our names in print: quitting is not, and has never been, an option.

Admittedly, I have had days where I feel like “starving artist” will be branded on us forever, but all it takes is a glance at the dedication we have for our work and those worries crumble.

When my cousin shows me her latest designs or when the boys excitedly discuss their upcoming mix tapes, it becomes clear that what they’re doing means more than just a paycheck.

It’s the love we have for what we do that assures us of our future success.

Because of this, I have realized the importance of supporting these young entrepreneurs. Whether it’s attending an underground hip-hop show, amateur art gallery, fashion line launch or simply reading the college paper, these are the people who deserve our time.

While no one can argue the fun in exploring the creative genius of the Versaces and Kanye Wests of the world, a lot can be said of those who have yet to score their million dollar deals and are surviving on passion alone.

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The Grouch & Eligh Performing @ The Glass House

May 18th
@ The Glass House
Pomona, CA


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