Stupid Shit I Copy Edit at Work

Say hello to a new City Sarah segment.

At my 9 to 5 sentenci– uhh job, I copy edit articles for blogs associated with the company’s websites. Since they pay the writers in lint and paper clips,  I come across some really fucking  superb writing samples. Observe:

“Artificial flowers can be made from paper and cloth. You can make these or buy them from stores.”

And all this time I thought you just planted paper and cloth seeds.

 “Clean the windowpanes and all the reflective surfaces in your kitchen to give the room some brightness.”

Someone has been paying extra close attention to those Windex commercials.

“Since your porch is open, it can gather a lot of dust and flying debris such as leaves and papers. Cleaning you porch with a broom and mop can work wonders. “

I just… I can’t.


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