It’s Saturday…

Oh hey look! It’s you! Haven’t seen you in a while. I’m working on the something a little bigger than Sarah in the CIty, but I figured since I have some free time – and a new amazing MacBook Pro that cured my hatred for PCs – I’ll blog some more for your enjoyment and my general sanity.

Let’s make fun of celebrities!

(Ok real quick before that, I used to go to Perez Hilton to find juicy material but what’s with him kissing every celeb’s ass these days? You’ve gone soft, Perezy. Weight loss ain’t for everyone.)

Prime example:

Perez writes “the hottie turned many heads in her barely-there outfit, wearing just a bikini looking top and a mini skirt all covered in lace.”

REALLY. What is that? It looks itchy.

Next up: Hayley Airplanes

Apparently, girl is wishing on 747s for her own line of hair dye. Maybe her and Rihanna can collaborate since they suck at singing and both have Barnum & Bailey-esque taste in hair color.

Here’s some red that doesn’t make me shield my eyes. Look at Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet:

Oh my, that’s a lot of red bottoms. Each of which costs upwards of $700. You could probably pay your whole college tuition with what this girl wears on her feet. How’s that make ya feel?

Whatever, college is overrated anyway.

In You-Should’ve-Stayed-With-Nas news:

Kelis. SWEETHEART. Stop taking fashion advice from Nicki Minaj. She has an enormous fake ass and fake boobs to distract from the madness. You? Well, let’s just say I think it’s time you stop spiking your milkshakes.

And lastly:

So when I first saw this picture, I thought Lindsay was her mom Dina and Victoria Gotti was like, the crypt keeper. Vicki, where are all those mobster millions going? You don’t have a weave fund? It looks like she just snatched some tracks from Lindsay’s head and shoved them in her mane for the photo op. At least she didn’t wear that ghastly white tennis outfit she sported the entire season of “Growing Up Gotti.” You know your ass can’t play tennis!


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