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With all that’s floating around in the Cyber world, I thought it would be fun to share my top five favorite blog sites. Here goes. In no particular order…

Not so much a Blog site but Toure’s writing is enjoyable and lets aspiring journalists like me into the world of entertainment writing, reviews and commentary. Even the mans Twitter updates are intriguing and are a nice change from the typical “I’m watching TV with my cat” tweets that seem to make up 85% of streams.
For a nice taste of Toure’s written style, read his profile on legendary rapper Jay-Z and follow him on Twitter.

I find myself in fits of laughter every time I read anything Black writes. A comedian who can convey his wit and humor through writing and stand-up makes him an easy choice for this favorites list. His topics can range from adventures filming his new series “Michael and Michael Have Issues” (see “Hotels”) to a hilarious dilemma with the birdhouse that never was. Regardless of his choice in blogging inspiration, his posts will have you laughing out loud, literally.


I call him the Eminem of bloggers. Bold, funny, educational and grossly inappropriate, you’ll walk away from each post feeling a little bit smarter and little bit violated. California Cornbread flaunts Morris’ writing skills and his uncanny ability to offend your very existence. Click at your own risk.


Original poetry by Rios made The Marvelous Life a shoe-in for this list. Rios shows off his talents as well as other work that he deems “marvelous.” From unique fashions to amazing photography (see “The Disintegration of Your Favorite Princess”), every post flaunts creative genius that will captivate you. Though it’s a fairly new blog site, The Marvelous Life has already proven to be worth the click every time.

You dont need the URL, you’re already here.
Last but not least is yours truly. (You should’ve guessed.)
Say what you will but yes, I did reserve the last spot on the list for myself. After all, if I’m not MY favorite how can I ever be yours?


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